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Success of A.S.S.


Check this out guys!!
From Invader Doom (#94128) [reply] [quoted]
Date: Tuesday, March 08, 03:57PM


i recently finished a series of tests on how many people fall for the price-switching scam. Unfortuntely, the last part of this test was conducted right after the anti-price- switching movement got hot, so i got a lot of crap about it. I see now that i have been placed on the price-swithcer list, and i'd like to be removed. As far as reputation/not scamming goes, you can ask pretty much anyone who knows me. In these tests, all meat was returned, as well as free goodies for the people of /trade. I believe the results show much improvement over the past 2 months.

Test 1: December 28, 2004: 15 overpriced items bought
Test 2: January 15, 2005: 9 overpriced items bought
Test 3: February 9, 2005: 6 overpriced items bought
Test 4: March 6, 2005:1!!! overpriced item bought

to conclude, i would like to join ASS myself, as my tests have been completed. I have apologized several times to everyone in /trade, blahblahblah.

please fell free to contact me if you need to talk with me further.




These are some awesome numbers! Here is your proof that A.S.S. is working! Lets keep up the good work! We are doing an awesome job!