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EggFest: 2006

EggFest 2006: The Alliance's approach to Easter!

The Alliance to Stop Scammers will be hosting a party on Friday: April 14, 2006.

The tickets to the party are the meat pastes in "Anti_Scammer_Bot"'s store.

We realize the tickets are somewhat highly priced, but we are trying to limit the amount of tickets given, as well as raise enough funds for the great giveaways!
The value of prizes, and fun all depend on the donations! Please donate meat/items to support the party!

If you can, buy more than one ticket! It'll increase your chances of winning something!

For constantly updated news, type "/msg Anti_Scammer_Bot Gold star news"

kMail going around:
The Alliance to Stop Scammers Easter Party!
Hello, we wanted to advertise to you about the Eggfest being held this Friday, two days before Easter.
We would like to invite you to buy a meatpaste (Your ticket to the party) from Anti_Scammer_Bot's store ASAP before they all disaapear.
We cannot do it without you, which is why the price of tickets is so high. We plan on having MANY prizes of valuable worth.
If you are interested in donating any meat/items to support the party, Please go ahead and send them to "Anti_Scammer_bot" as well!
We thank you for your time in reading this, and if possible, buying a ticket to the Eggfest party.
-Zecious Babaloni-
Alliance to Stop Scammers

HuggleFest and EggFest are copyright 2005-2006 Alliance to Stop Scammers Inc.